Vocational Services

A job is more than a paycheck – having a career provides pride, independence, and satisfaction.

Arc of Genesee Orleans vocational programs are designed to help your loved one achieve these goals for a happier, more fulfilled life. We offer assessments, training, coaching, and options so each job seeker can feel excited about working and accomplished when the day is done.

Our Vocational Services help adults with disabilities find their rightful place in the workforce. This program includes employment assessment, pre-vocational services, and job placement through our supported work program.

Assessment – Arc of Genesee Orleans evaluates individual skills, aptitudes, capabilities, and behaviors to assist in determining vocational interests. Assessment tools include Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation, Community Based Assessment Work Readiness Evaluation, and preparation for Job Placement.

Pre-vocational Services - Pre-Vocational Services emphasize skill-building activities designed to prepare individuals for paid employment. Professional staff provides training in following directions, attending to task completion, problem solving, and assisting the individual in adjusting to the production and social demands of the workplace.

Supported Employment - Having a job in the community is a goal of many adults with disabilities. Our Supported Work Program provides job placement and job coaching services. We identify necessary onsite supports to assist individuals in learning, maintaining, and enhancing job performance and completion of assigned tasks. As the new worker becomes familiar with the job, the Job Coach gradually fades from the work place but is always available for retraining or consultation. Our many Supported Work success stories include individual placements as restaurant employees, custodians, stock clerks, and manufacturing positions as well as opportunities in our mobile janitorial crews, culinary arts training, and work enclaves at local manufacturing facilities.

Pathway to Employment –This program began in 2015, thanks to a grant to explore employment options. Pathway to Employment helps individuals identify a career direction and explore many career options, with the focus on achieving integrated employment.

Sheltered Work Centers – Arc of Genesee Orleans has two Work Centers: Orleans Enterprises in Albion and Genco Industries in Batavia. The focus of the work center is light manufacturing, on-site packaging, and assembly. Individuals are paid based on their productivity. This program is in a state of transition as we adjust to new NYS Regulations Workshop Transformation requirements. While no new placements are being accepted in the work centers, the individuals currently employed in the work centers continue to work there while the transformation plan is being developed.

We partner with many businesses in and around Genesee and Orleans counties to help provide the widest array of career opportunities for the people we serve.

For information, contact Kelly Anstey, Associate Executive Director of Day Services, kanstey@arcoforleans.org or (585) 589-4456.